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A personalized weight loss program, like clothes should be tailored to fit the person

Obesity is a medical problem and should be treated by a doctor, not by someone selling the next miracle diet on TV. You not only want to lose weight but also to improve your overall health and change your life for the better. Let us help you with your weight loss goals with our safe, effective and low-cost medically supervised program.

Highlights of our weight loss program :

Weight Loss Pasadena AdvantageNo contracts. No hidden fees.

Weight Loss Pasadena AdvantageMany weight loss options – whether you need to lose 10 lbs or 100 lbs – irrespective of your age*.

Weight Loss Pasadena AdvantageWeight loss program designed to lose body fat, not muscle (so our patients not only end up looking better, but also improve their overall health and self-confidence).

Weight Loss Pasadena AdvantageWeight loss program supervized by a board-certified, experienced, specially trained physician.

Weight Loss Pasadena AdvantageNo obligation, free first weight loss consultation.

Weight Loss Pasadena AdvantageMultiple weight loss choices - prescription meds, non-prescription meds, dietary supplements and diets.

             * Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and depend on patient’s individual efforts.

“ I lost over 30 lbs. of weight in the first 30 days, and another 30 lbs. in the next 2 months. And it was easy. I felt energetic and never felt hungry or had food cravings. I have continued watching what I eat and I am more active and the weight hasn’t come back”

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